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DOVE - Division of Volunteer Efforts
DOVE's Mission

Dove,logo,2The Campus Ministry Division of Volunteer Efforts is one aspect of Seton Hall University's response to the ongoing call for social justice.

Our aim is to raise the awareness of the Seton Hall University community to social injustice through direct involvement in serving others. This service stems from our desire to affirm the dignity of all people and to live as Christ taught us by putting our faith into action.

The Division of Volunteer Efforts seeks to aid Seton Hall University in its commitment to graduate not only well educated professionals, but also compassionate individuals rooted in and guided by faith and its expression in firm moral convictions.

DOVE encourages all members of the Seton Hall community, regardless of faith or service background to get involved. 

Contact Us

The Division of Volunteer Efforts
108 Boland Hall (basement)

Office phone: (973) 761-9702
Office tax:
(973) 761-7953

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Dove Staff

Michelle Peterson

Amanda Cavanagh
Assistant Director

Colleen Caty
Graduate Student

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Contact Us

DOVE (Division of Volunteer Efforts)
(973) 761-9702
Fax (973) 761-7953
Boland Hall Rm. 108

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