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SHUFLY Virtual Tour


We have created a virtual tour of the SHUFLY shuttle stops to assist you with locating the shuttle stops throughout South Orange.  This will help the driver locate potential riders and helps to ensure that you are waiting in the proper location.  The pictures below along with descriptive text show the exact location of each of the SHUFLY stops. 

To view the scheduled stops for each location, take a look at the SHUFLY Schedule »

SHUFLY Shuttle Stops:

1. Farinella Gate
farinella gate






2. Seton & Madison
seton & madison stop






3. Ward Place
ward place, shufly






4. Behind Boland Hall - Human Resources
shufly boland hall stop






5. Rite Aid - (Heading away from SHU) 
shufly rite aid stop








6. Pathmark
shufly pathmark stop






7. Ora Manor
Shufly ora manor stop






8. South Orange Train Station
Shufly SO train station






9. Rite Aid - (Heading Towards SHU)
Shufly rite aid toward shu stop


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