Focused on the Future

Ensuring Career Success

What do you envision for your future? If you're not sure yet, don't worry. Most students find it difficult to imagine the day when they will graduate and step out into the "real world." That’s why Seton Hall encourages students to start thinking about career choices and planning for their future from day one.

The quality education you'll receive will make you a success.  Did you know that:

  • the starting salary for nursing graduates is up to $52,000 a year; or
  • 95 percent of business graduates had jobs in a career-related field six months after graduating; or
  • about 17,000 internships/jobs are posted for Seton Hall grads

Nick Snow and chemistry studentsFinding Your Field

Our career workshops allow you to truly explore majors, chose your career field and begin to build professional relationships. A few of the most popular are:

  • What Do I Do with a Major in …?
  • Navigating the Job Market
  • Resume Writing
  • Surfing the Internet for Career Success

Seton Hall's Career Center is one of a few in the country that provides a dedicated career counselor to work with you throughout your college career.  Your counselor knows you personally and helps you achieve your goals.

Career-Focused from the Start

You begin working together in your first year as part of your University Life course, exploring career interests and opportunities.  This experience will sharpen your job-search skills, including resume writing and interviewing skills. Your Career Center counselor can even recommend career workshops and help you learn to use the center’s career assessment tools.

Internship Opportunity17,000 Job Opportunities and Counting

And when it’s time to job hunt, Seton Hall is there for you. The Career Center helps you get a head start by maintaining a job listings database and sponsoring on-campus recruiting events.  Hundreds of employers and alumni come to campus each year to mentor and recruit Seton Hall students for experiential education programs (such as internships, clinical rotations, student teaching, etc.) and employment after graduation. The Career Center offers job placement services, and the website lists more than 17,000 available jobs. It’s no wonder that graduate students and alumni also make use of The Career Center’s professional career-related guidance and services.

The confidence and skills you'll gain working with our Career Center will help you make the right decisions for your future success.


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