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Diversity and Globalism

Embracing the World Community

We live in an increasingly global community. As a result, students must prepare to work in a world that is diverse — in its people, cultures and thought. Understanding today's global community, a shared space where we depend on one another, is more than an ideal — it's a necessity. Seton Hall's

make us a leader in preparing students for the world of today — and tomorrow.

Male student studying in classroomStudents from 50 States and 54 Countries

Seton Hall's Catholic roots make the University a place that has always welcomed all backgrounds, faiths and ethnicities. Even during the University's earliest years — from 1856 to 1868 — Seton Hall enrolled more than 500 freshmen from 17 states and six foreign countries, making it an unusually diverse. Today, Seton Hall is a major Catholic university with more than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students from all 50 U.S. states and territories and 54 foreign countries. Truly "Catholic" in its universality, Seton Hall reflects the scope of its students and the diversity of the Church and society it serves.

Study at SHU and Study Abroad

At Seton Hall, your exposure to new cultures, ideas and lifestyles can include a study abroad experience. The Office of International Programs allows you to choose from places that span the globe, including:

  • Russia,
  • London,
  • China,
  • Cypress, and even
  • Bermuda (and over Spring Break!).

Faculty members sponsor many of these programs, and we also have exchange agreements with many universities worldwide. Take as much time as you need — a summer, a semester or even an entire year.

Margarita BalmacedaInternational Relations Program

You may even decide that you want your career to have an international focus. The School of Diplomacy and International Relations prepares diplomatic and business professionals to serve in public service, international business, law, technology and the nonprofit sector.

The School of Diplomacy boasts an impressive faculty, including 5 current and former U.N. ambassadors and officials.  Students gain a strong background in global issues, history, law, politics and political science, as well as economics and management. Diplomacy majors even become fluent in one of the five U.N. languages:

  • Chinese,
  • French,
  • Arabic,
  • Spanish or
  • Russian.

Whether your studies at Seton Hall eventually lead you to the ends of the earth or only a few miles away, you will graduate well-rounded and well-prepared for servant leadership in the diverse world community.


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