Home Away From Home

A Home Away from Home

Where the Mind, the Heart and the Spirit Thrive

Seton Hall is much more than a temporary home for you and all of your stuff. When Bishop James Roosevelt Bayley, the first Bishop of Newark, founded Seton Hall in 1856, he described the institution as "a home for the mind, the heart and the spirit." Today, the University remains dedicated to Bishop Bayley’s vision for all who call Seton Hall "home."

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Three male students conversingA Home Like No Other

For nearly 150 years, our students have found a place where they learn by doing, questioning, discovering and discussing. You explore great books, ideas and thinkers of our time. You help others by giving back to your community. You build a solid foundation on which to lead a successful and prosperous life.

A Place Where Leaders Are Born

This home is a place where faith meets reason, where ancient truths and eternal values are revealed, where talent meets opportunity and where leaders are born. Through continuing dialogue with your friends, classmates and professors, you learn a great deal: about God, yourself, your world.

Saint in Corrigan HallAcademic, Social and Spiritual

You also learn what it means to be a servant leader. Perseverance, effort and hard work — the components of leadership — demand that leaders explore many paths, ask questions, face challenges and encounter new ideas. At Seton Hall, we're with you throughout this academic, social and spiritual journey. Our mission is to prepare you to be a leader who will make a difference, wherever you go — and whatever you do in life.

Nearly a century and a half ago, this is what our founder envisioned: a place dedicated to learning, service and leadership — a home that would nourish the mind, the heart and the spirit. That 150-year-old vision lives on today.


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