Redefining Leadership

Moral Compass Helps Navigate Success

If you frequently watch the news and read the newspapers, you may sometimes feel as if the world is corrupt. But even as tales of insider trading, government scandals and terrorism tend to dominate the headlines, there are many people who make a positive difference in the world everyday. We help equip you with the tools needed to do just that. It's our goal to not only ensure your future success, but to help you become the type of leader who is guided by a "moral compass."

We believe that leadership isn't defined by your title and salary when you graduate. Instead, your identity is characterized by how you live your life and the examples you set. Jesus taught his disciples that leadership involves a willingness to be "servant of all." Servant leaders possess the ability to change hearts, heal divisions and build community while displaying virtues of courage, foresight, empathy and stewardship of the common good.

Servant LeadersStudents on campus

At Seton Hall, developing servant leaders who will make a difference in the world is a priority. That's why all students take classes in ethics and learn in a community informed by Catholic ideals and universal values. You will learn the importance of possessing integrity, compassion and a commitment to helping others — while also helping yourself. Our strong commitment to teaching character development through service learning was even recently noted in the prestigious Templeton Guide.

Tolerance; Respect

And while your personal religious views are entirely up to you — we welcome students and faculty from all faiths — we believe we are responsible for creating dialogue that focuses on the ethics of business, medicine, teaching and other fields. We encourage you to consider your own morals and values in making decisions or taking sides on issues. We strive to show you what it means to be a thoughtful, responsible contributor to the world around you — and the rewards you can enjoy as a result. These experiences will help you develop your own moral compass, which will guide you in the actions you take and the decisions you make throughout your life.

Wherever you are on our campus, you'll find that ethical issues and personal accountability are openly discussed and debated. And when you leave the gates of Seton Hall, you'll have the ethics and morals needed to succeed as a leader with integrity.


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