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Science at the Hall

Advancing Society and the Quality of Life

At Seton Hall, science is more than solving equations, sitting through lectures and peering through a microscope. In today’s global community, scientific investigation is critical to improving the overall quality of life. And that’s why the sciences remain foremost on our minds.

Science, Healthcare and Related Programs at Seton Hall

Biology, Chemistry and the Traditional Sciences

Nick Snow and chemistry students

Seton Hall’s commitment to science has always been progressive. Our first science courses were offered through the College of Arts and Sciences as early as the 1850s and 1860s. In 1964, the first Ph.D. program in chemistry was approved. Today our extensive offerings in the traditional sciences are providing critical and high-value labor to New Jersey’s burgeoning pharmacy and bioengineering industries.


Nursing, Healthcare and Public Policy

Our commitment to the healthcare community is also fortified in the University’s history. The first nursing program debuted in 1937, making our College of Nursing the oldest New Jersey institution providing nursing education. Our School of Health and Medical Sciences, School of Law and College of Arts and Sciences offer programs addressing health professions and science's place in society.


Science, Ethics and Catholicism

The $35 million renovation of McNulty Hall will soon be complete (see sidebar, right).
McNulty Hall Schematic

Our values-based education prepares scientists who master their academic disciplines and know how to think critically about moral and ethical issues. A major Catholic university, Seton Hall is committed to a scientific education that promotes originality, creativity and invention — three characteristics that the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on the Cultural Values of the Natural Sciences in Rome views as important to academic pursuit. Our programs play a crucial role in forming scientists whose values will shape the progress of 21st-century science.

Research with Leading-Edge Faculty

Here, you'll work closely with dedicated, full-time science faculty involved in important and dynamic research. One such scientist, Sulie Chang, Ph.D., chair of our Department of Biology, has received more than $2.5 million in National Institutes of Health grants for her research.

Great Location

Our prime location also makes us a great industry resource. Science and technology-related companies, such as Johnson & Johnson, Merck and Exxon-Mobil, are our neighbors, and serve as a resource to our students and alumni. Our proximity to the "world's medicine cabinet" positions us to connect graduates within the pharmaceutical industry, which estimates needing approximately 80,000 new science research jobs in the next decade.


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