Technology in the Classroom


A High-Tech Approach to Higher Education

There's so much you'll need to bring when you come to Seton Hall, especially if you are an undergraduate moving into the residence halls. You should definitely pack all those things that make you feel at home – your cell phone, photos and favorite DVDs (not to mention lots of popcorn)!

Students Outdoor with HelixThe Laptop's on Us

One thing you won't need to bring is your computer. Thanks to our award-winning Mobile Computing Program, all incoming, full-time freshman get a brand new, fully loaded laptop. Two years later, you'll trade it for a newer model — with a faster processor and the latest software. And when you graduate in four years, you can keep it.

It's for Learning...

Why do we do this? It's not just because a laptop is a cool accessory. Understanding how to use technology — efficiently and effectively — makes you a more marketable, technologically savvy leader. Whether you're doing last-minute research for a term paper, hunting for a summer internship or instant messaging your classmates, your laptop will improve your life and help you get things done fast.

Students using Helix in LibraryWe're Totally, Wireless

Another bonus: there's no need to worry about where to connect to the Web — because our campus is completely wireless. Access the Internet and the University network anywhere, any time — your own room, the library, classrooms and even the University Green can become your study space.

Why Technology is Important

What really sets Seton Hall apart from other colleges and universities is how technology — and your laptop — are integrated with the curriculum. Many undergraduate and graduate courses have their own Web pages; simply log on to review a video or check out your professor's online study guides. Sometimes, watching a movie of white blood cells eliminating an infection or listening to Robert Frost read his poems on your laptop is all you need to make learning more interactive — and fun. Here at Seton Hall, technology enhances your education.

Here's just a "taste" of what you can do with our technology:

  • Instant access to the research you need on our network
  • Keep and organize all of your class notes, papers and study guides in one place (and even burn back-up CDs, just in case)
  • E-mail professors to ask important questions
  • Join a chat room and share ideas on specific academic topics and assignments
  • Connect with classmates in virtual classrooms 24/7
  • Register for classes, view your financial aid package or reserve library books



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