About Seton Hall University
About Seton Hall 
Seton Hall's South Orange Campus Seton Hall At-a-Glance

Seton Hall's 58-acre campus is located in the quaint town of South Orange, New Jersey, only 14 miles from Manhattan. The University is home to eight schools, over 90 academic programs and about 10,000 students.

students Why You Should be a Part of Seton Hall

Are you prepared to be successful in a global marketplace? Seton Hall's excellent academic programs and closeness to New York City will give you the leadership qualities you need to succeed.

Professor Teaching Ethics Developing Servant Leaders for a Global Society

We prepare students mentally, physically and spiritually to be servant leaders and caring citizens, both in and out of the workplace.

Catholic Statue 150 Years of Catholic Education

In 1856, James Roosevelt Bayley had a vision of "a home for the mind, the heart and the spirit." A century and a half later, Seton Hall University remains a pioneer in Catholic education.


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