College of Arts & Sciences

Major Program

To attain the Bachelor of Arts degree, students must complete the core curriculum of the College, the major requirements and free electives to total 120 credits. Upon completion of work for the degree, students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. Each student will be assigned a faculty adviser who will assist in planning a fouryear program.
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Major Requirements 

I. Required Courses (30 Credits)
AFAM 1111 Introduction to Africana Studies
AFAM 1201 (HIST 1501) History of African Civilization I
AFAM 1202 (HIST 1502) History of African Civilization II
AFAM 1213 (HIST 2375) African-American History I
AFAM 1214 (HIST 2376) African-American History II
AFAM 2410 (ENGL 2618) Africana Literature
AFAM 2910 (POLS 2910/ SOCI 2910) Research Methods
AFAM 3311 Public Institutions and the African-American
AFAM Culture/Art/Music Elective (see list below)
AFAM 5111 Senior Seminar
II. Electives (12 Credits)
Students must complete three courses (9 credits) from either the History and Literature Track or the Social Science Track. See below for listings of electives for each track.
One additional AFAM elective (3 credits)
Total Credits for Major: 42


History & Literature Track
AFAM 2212 (HIST 3364/POLS 2312) History/Civil Rights Movement
AFAM 2213 (POLS 2311) Black Nationalism
AFAM 2216 (HIST 2552) History/West Africa
AFAM 2217 (HIST 2553) History/East and Central Africa
AFAM 2218 (HIST 2551) History/Southern Africa
AFAM 2219 (HIST 2554) History/North Africa
AFAM 2221 Pre-Colonial Africa
AFAM 2222 (HIST 2561) 20th Century Africa
AFAM 2332 African Diasporas in U.S.
AFAM 2411 (ENGL 2613) Early African American Literature
AFAM 2412 (ENGL 2614) Modern African American Literature
AFAM 2413 (ENGL 2617) Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
AFAM 2418 (ENGL 2616) Contemporary African Literature
AFAM 2420 ENGL 2615) Major Authors in African American Literature
AFAM 3211 (HIST 3468) Caribbean History
AFAM 3411 Caribbean Literature 
Social Science Track
AFAM 1518 (SOWK 1314) Social Work and the Law
AFAM 2214 History of Black Education
AFAM 2311 Public Institutions and the African American
AFAM 2312 (POLS 2615) African Politics
AFAM 2313 (POLS 2313) Black Politics
AFAM 2319 American Foreign Policy in Africa
AFAM 2321 Community Health
AFAM 2322 Teaching the Black Experience
AFAM 2323 Black Business Development
AFAM 2325 Political Economy of Racism
AFAM 2326 (POLS 2326) Development and Democracy in Africa
AFAM 2327 (POLS 2327/SOWK 2327) Organizing Grassroots Communities
AFAM 2328 (SOCI 2511) Race, Ethnicity and Aging
AFAM 2331 (ANTH 2331) Peoples and Cultures/Africa
AFAM 2332 African Diasporas in U.S.
AFAM 2333 (POLS 2333) Africa and the Global Political Economy
AFAM 2614 Psychology of the Black Experience
AFAM 2617 (WMST 2317) The Black Man and Woman
AFAM 2618 (SOCI 2618) The Black Family
AFAM 2633 The Black Child
AFAM 3312 Advance Seminar in Gerontology
AFAM 3314 Psychological Testing and the Black Population
AFAM 3315 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Honors Seminar
AFAM 3316 Intellectual Traditions of the Global African Experience
AFAM 3329 Racism in Education
Culture/Art/Music Electives
AFAM 1513 Gospel Choir I (1 credit)
AFAM 1514 Gospel Choir II (1 credit)
AFAM 2330 (COJR 2330) Mass Media and Minorities
AFAM 2331 (ANTH 2331) Peoples and Cultures/Africa
AFAM 2332 African Diasporas in U.S.
AFAM 2515 (RELS 2419) African Religions
AFAM 2516 (PHIL 1251) African Cultural Philosophy
AFAM 2517 (RELS 2261) The Black Church
AFAM 2521 Performing Arts
AFAM 2522 African American Dance I
AFAM 2523 African American Dance II
AFAM 2524 African American Experience in Music
AFAM 2529 (ARTH 5009) African American Art
AFAM 3315 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Honors Seminar
Additional Electives
AFAM 2181 Topics: African American Studies
AFAM 2182 Topics: Africana Studies
AFAM 3181 Topics in African American Studies
AFAM 3182 Topics in Africana Studies
AFAM 3190 Independent Study (1 credit)
AFAM 3191 Independent Study (3 credits)
AFAM 3195 Independent Study (2 credits)
AFAM 3820 Study Abroad in the Caribbean
AFAM 3821 Study Abroad in Africa
AFAM 3832 Community Research Internship and Seminar (6credits)
AFAM 3833 Practical Orientation in Inner-City Neighborhood Life (6 credits)

Minor in Africana Studies

Required Courses: (15 Credits)
AFAM 1111 Introduction to Africana Studies

Choose two 6-credits sequence from the following:
AFAM 1201-1202 (HIST 1501-1502) History of African Civilization I-II
AFAM 1213-1214 (HIST 2375-2376) African American History I-II
AFAM 2411-2412 (ENGL 3613-3614) Early African American Literature-Modern African American Literature

Advanced Elective Courses: (6 Credits)

Advanced electives courses could be taken in the Departments of English, Political Science, Sociology & Anthropology. 

Total: 21 credits

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