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Anthropology concerns itself with the entire range of human activities and achievements in all parts of the world: past, present and future. In this era of contentious international politics and global social turmoil, it has become increasingly important to understand our world, the people in it and how we relate to one another. It is, therefore, of critical importance to understand the institutional, cultural and social causes of global problems such as chronic inequality and persistent poverty. The Anthropology Program at Seton Hall University is oriented toward providing students the tools with which to analyze and understand these pressing global problems. Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Seton Hall possess the communication and analytic skills that are in great demand in today's workplace. Anthropology majors are bright, impressive and adaptable because they can apply the skills learned in this program to a broad range of careers.

The Department's anthropology curriculum includes introductory courses in cultural and physical anthropology as well as specialized courses on inter-cultural communication, race and ethnicity, qualitative field methods, the cross cultural study of health and medicine, kinship, the cross-cultural study of human sexuality and gender, religion and ritual, the anthropology of consciousness, human rights and social justice, law, urban life and the history of anthropological theory. The faculty has particular expertise in the cultures of the Caribbean, Latin America, the USA, Southeast Asia and Museum Studies. Students may modify the major program in consultation with a departmental adviser.

To succeed in the program, it is necessary for students to move back and forth between abstract ideas, on the one hand, and concrete ethnographic data, on the other. In addition to meeting the standards and requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, anthropology majors must complete department requirements in anthropology and related fields for a total of 36 credits and a GPA of 2.0.

To talk to a faculty adviser, contact C. Lynn Carr, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work at or (973) 761-7443.

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