College of Arts & Sciences

All programs are chosen in consultation with the student's academic adviser.

Electives must be approved by the adviser. The requirements listed are the minimum, and students may choose to take more credits in their major fields.

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Major Requirements

 I. Required courses (30 credits) Credits
ARTH 2101  Looking at Art and Visual Culture 3
ARTH 2107  American Art 3
ARTH 2111  Greek and Roman Art 3
ARTH 2112  Medieval Art 3
ARTH 2113  Italian Art of the Renaissance 3
ARTH 2115  Baroque Art 3
ARTH 2116  19th Century Art 3
ARTH 2118  20th Century Art 3
ARTH 2119  Art Since 1945 3
ARTH 4101  Art History Senior Seminar (capstone course) 3
II Electives (12 credits)
If possible, at least 6 credits should be in non-Western art.
ARTH 2109
(AFAM 2529)
 African American Art
ARTH 2124  History of Graphic Design 3
ARTH 2126  The Arts of China and Japan 3
ARTH 3127  Van Gogh and his Contemporaries 3
ARTH 3201  Gender and Art 3
ARTH 3141-44  Special Topics in Art History 3
ARTH 3193-94  Art History Internship 3

Note:  A&S Core requirements: Students should take ARTH 1001 or ARTH 1101 as their "Aesthetics" core requirement.

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