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The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees. The major program provides students with training in the languages, histories, politics, religions, and cultures of Asia, leading to careers in government, international services, research, teaching and business, as well as advanced graduate study. The Master of Arts program prepares students to become Asian specialists in many fields, most especially, government and diplomatic services, business, and secondary and tertiary education.

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Departmental Requirements

I. Language Courses 24 credits in a single Asian language.
II. Area Courses
24 credits in area studies, 12 of which must include the following:
ASIA 3127
(HIST 3621)
History of Traditional China
ASIA 3128
(HIST 3621)
History of Modern China
ASIA 3129
(HISt 3122)
History of Traditional Japan
ASIA 3130
(HIST 3652)
History of Modern Japan

Select 6 credits in social science courses from among the following:
ASIA 2112
Geography of Asia
ASIA 2114
China in World Affairs
ASIA 3114
Asian Politics
ASIA 3115
Asian Social Life
ASIA 3131
(POLS 2616)
Contemporary Chinese Politics
ASIA 3132
Contemporary Japan and other approved courses
Select 6 credits in humanities courses from among the following:
ASIA 1101
World Religions
ASIA 1111
Zen and Yoga
ASIA 2101-2102
(ENGL 3608-3609)
Asian Literature in English Translation I - II
 ASIA 1403
(RELS 1403) 

History of Asian Religious Reflection


Other approved courses  

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