College of Arts & Sciences
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree

The B.A. in Biology (major code BIOA) is a major program that provides a solid foundation in laboratory-based life science for students who are interested in integrating their study of biology with other related areas including law, ethics, psychology, history, computer science, writing or journalism. The program is of interest to students majoring in education, for students interested in science writing, and for general understanding of this area of study, that is increasingly important for informed citizenship, intelligent parenting, and life-long learning.

In addition to meeting the standards and requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, degree candidates for the B.A. in Biology must complete a minimum of 31 credits in biology, chemistry, and mathematics as well as 15 credits from the elective course list for a total of 46 credits. At least two major elective courses must be in Biology (BIOL), and no more than 4 credits of Biology electives may be in research, independent study or Co-op courses.
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Students pursuing the B.A. in Biology will follow the College of Arts & Sciences Core Curriculum requirements for B.A. students.

B.A. Degree Requirements
The following courses must be completed:

BIOL 1201-1202 General Biology Organism/Cell 8
BIOL 2211
BIOL 2341
BIOL 4199
Senior Biology Seminar
CHEM 1123/1124 General Chemistry I-II  6
CHEM 1125/1126
General Chemistry Lab I-II
MATH 1401
Calculus I
BIOL xxxx
Elective course in Biology above 2000 level (Note: Some have pre-requisites)  6-8

Select 7-9 credits from the following BIOA Electives:

ANTH 1201 Introduction to Physical Anthropology 4
CHEM 2321/2315
Organic Chemistry I and Lab I
CHEM 2322/2316
Organic Chemistry II and Lab II
ENGL 3513
Scientific and Technical Writing
CLAS 1314
Scientific Terminology
CSAS 1015
Computer Science Essentials
CSAS 1113
Computer Science for Science Majors
MATH 1411
Calculus II
MATH 2111
Statistics for Science Majors
PHIL 2700
Philosophy of Science
PHYS 1701-1702
General Physics I-II
PHYS 1811-1812
Physics Laboratory I-II
PSYC 1101
Introduction to Psychology
PSYC xxxx
Psychology courses by advisement

SOCI 2224 or
ANTH 2244
Sociology of Health and Medicine
Health and Medicine: An Anthropological Approach

Please see the Undergraduate Catalogue for a model 4-year plan for the B.A. in Biology.

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