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The biology major at Seton Hall University provides a strong foundation in the modern sciences, including cellular/molecular, organism and population biology, as well as chemistry and physics. Students will build a repertoire of essential and advanced laboratory skills. Experiential learning is encouraged through independent study, laboratory research and working off-campus in pharmaceutical, biotechnology or related industries. Laboratory research can be used to fulfill the Biology Honors Program requirements.

The Department of Biology offers a BS and a BA in Biology and a minor in environmental science. With the School of Graduate Medical Education, accelerated dual-degree programs for physical therapy, physician assistant and athletic training are also offered. The BS enables students to pursue research-oriented careers or graduate science degrees. The BA makes it possible to combine science with business, law, education and computers.

All students take General Biology I and II and Genetics. BS students also take cell biology, four semesters of chemistry, two of physics and two of math, finishing at the calculus II or statistics level. BA students also take ecology, two semesters of chemistry and one of math, finishing at the calculus I level. Elective courses include forensic biology, immunology, vertebrate physiology, metabolic pathways and environmental toxicology. Dual-degree students begin their graduate work in their senior year. The 3+4 program in physical therapy is a seven-year program. The 3+3 programs in physician assistant and athletic training can be completed in six years.

To talk to a faculty adviser, contact Dr. Jane Ko, chair of the Department of Biology, at or (973) 275-2053. Web site: Department of Biological Sciences

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