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The mission of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) program of Department of Biological Sciences is to educate students within the modern sciences, including molecular, cellular, organismal, environmental, and population biology. This program equips students with biological and environmental knowledge, research skills, and proficiencies including critical thinking, reading/writing, information technology, numeracy, and oral communication. The curriculum prepares students to pursue a career that combines science with psychology, history, business, law, education, journalism, or computer sciences. The learned knowledge and skills sets enable students to understand living systems and to become life-long learners in diverse careers. Students then contribute to the greater good by developing and sustaining an ethical civilization through biological and environmental stewardship.

Goal 1: Students will understand the principles and concepts of biological sciences and cognate disciplines

Objective 1: Understand structures, functions and classifications of organisms and biological systems

Objective 2: Understand the fundamental principles of classic and molecular genetics

Objective 3: Understand the interaction of organisms within ecosystems

Objective 4: Integrate knowledge of cognate disciplines, humanities, and social sciences with knowledge from the field of biological sciences

Goal 2: Students will develop skills related to biological sciences and cognate disciplines
Objective 1: Acquire and execute research techniques and scientific methods

Objective 2: Develop proficiency in information and technological literacy

Objective 3: Acquire skills of numeracy

Objective 4: Develop communication skills (oral communication and reading/writing)

Goal 3: Students will apply knowledge and skills of biological sciences for the greater good of society
Objective 1: Understand the capabilities of bioscience knowledge and skills as well as the applications of scientific research

Objective 2: Implement the knowledge, skills, and values of biosciences into occupational pursuits

Objective 3: Apply biological knowledge and skills responsibly to civic, social, and/or global issues

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