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PopeJohnPaulII_150x100Inspired by the Second Vatican Council's Gaudium et Spes (The Church in the Modern World) and Saint Pope John Paul II's Ex Corde Ecclesiae (From the Heart of the Church), Catholic Studies has designed an innovative and interdisciplinary program that:

  • integrates and studies disciplines across the natural and human sciences
  • explores the moral implications present in each discipline
  • supports the compatibility and interdependency of faith and reason
  • conscientiously and methodically studies philosophy and theology
  • promotes ethical values and an awareness of service to society

Catholic Studies is therefore ideal for students of all creeds who want to unite their academic specializations and career paths with Catholicism’s rich intellectual, spiritual, moral and cultural traditions and living heritage. The Catholic Studies major and minor are the perfect complement to all other programs as it enhances and deepens every other degree.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum
Our undergraduate and study abroad programs are led by faculty who specialize in a variety of disciplines including history, modern Catholicism, philosophy, science, theology, social service, art, music and literature. Additionally, Catholic Studies’ faculty who teach Catholic theology and Catholic theological subjects do so within the full communion of the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Studies curriculum is custom-built according to each student’s academic and professional interests and offers students the opportunity to major, double major, minor, double minor or earn certificates in Catholic Studies or Pastoral Music Ministry. This flexibility makes the Catholic Studies’ major and minor the perfect complement to all 56 undergraduate degrees offered at Seton Hall.

Two such programs are education and nursing. The Department of Catholic Studies has partnered with the College of Nursing and the College of Education to make it simpler than ever to double major in these fields. Take a look at a suggested plan of study for nursing and Catholic Studies » or learn how you can begin enhancing your education degree today >>.

Internships and Careers

In addition to offering an exceptional interdisciplinary curriculum that fully integrates with all academic specializations and career paths, the Department of Catholic Studies also helps students gain real-world experience and begin building a professional network through its internship and career development programs. Students who complete the Catholic Studies program are therefore thoroughly prepared upon their graduation to take next steps toward any profession, vocation or specialty within any discipline across all fields and interests.

To talk to a faculty adviser, please contact the chair of the Department of Catholic Studies, Dr. Ines A. Murzaku at or (973) 275-5845.


Competitive scholarships are offered to students pursuing a major or minor in Catholic Studies every year. These academic scholarships recognize and honor our most committed students. Visit the Catholic Studies’ scholarship page to learn about eligibility requirements and how to apply.


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