College of Arts & Sciences

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures offers a variety of courses that bring students more fully into contact with the roots of their culture. Students gain an awareness and appreciation of the continuity of Western thought by studying the historical, literary, linguistic and religious elements of Greece and Rome. The department approaches this study through its two concentrations: language and culture.

Courses in the department are designed not only for classics majors but also for majors in English, history, political science and philosophy, as well as for any students seeking a broader background in the most fundamental and influential writings of the Western world.

Courses in Latin and Greek give students a new understanding of the English and European languages, and offer direct access to the original texts of ancient poetry, drama, philosophy, history, the New Testament and the writings of the Christian tradition from its origins until modern times. Classical culture courses in English translation offer a broad survey of these literary masterpieces, emphasizing their significance for the modern world as well as for their original cultural context.

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Major Requirements

In addition to meeting the standards and requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, degree candidates must complete a minimum of 36 credits in classical studies; at least 18 credits must be in language. All programs are worked out in consultation with a department adviser who may modify the program in view of the student’s background and objectives.

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