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The Department of Economics provides students with a solid foundation in the discipline of economics. For undergraduate students majoring in economics, the objectives of the program are threefold: to help develop a thorough understanding of the economic relationships between business, households and government, and of the principles governing these relationships; to help develop proper analytical methods and modes of inquiry that will prepare students for careers in business administration, government and education; to lay the groundwork necessary for graduate studies in economics, law and related fields. Scholarly instruction and continuing personal guidance provide students with a high degree of flexibility in the development of their careers and educational plans.

The course offerings of the department enable undergraduate students to major in economics either through the College of Arts and Sciences or the Stillman School of Business, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, respectively.

 In addition to meeting the standards and requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, degree candidates must complete a minimum of 36 credits in the economics and quantitative courses specified below. In general, required courses will be taken in the order listed. However, all programs are worked out in consultation with an economics department adviser who may modify the program in view of each student’s background and objectives
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 MATH 1303
 Quantitative Methods for
Business and Economics Students
 BQUA 2811
 Business Statistics
 ECON 1402
 Principles of Economics I  3
 ECON 1403
 Principles of Economics II  3
 ECON 2408
 Money and Banking  3
 ECON 2420
 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis  3
 ECON 2421
 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis  3
 ECON 3470
 History of Economic Thought  3
 ECON xxxx
 Electives in Economics

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