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The reasons for becoming an English major at Seton Hall University are as varied as the opportunities it provides. The intellectual and practical skills you will master - proficient reading and writing, critical analysis, argumentation --- are sought by employers and graduate schools in all fields. The Bachelor of Arts in English curriculum offers a wide array of literature and writing courses, while small class size promotes the free and open exchange of ideas. Independent studies, internships and co-ops allow you to tailor the major to fit your interests and needs. Students have a chance to work on Chavez, the student literary magazine. Exceptional students may also be invited to join Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor Society. A combined Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts in English program is available for those who want to complete both degrees in five years. Ultimately, an English major will enhance the way you think about college, the world --- and yourself.

The English major combines a core of traditional survey courses in the literature of England, America and Europe with a wide selection of specialized advanced courses in genres, specific authors and periods, and creative writing. The curriculum is designed to allow students to create a course of study geared toward strengthening their interests while building on a solid understanding of literary periods and moments. The English faculty specializes in such areas as African-American literature, creative writing, performance theory, post-colonial studies and critical theory.

English majors complete 36 credits, Introduction to Literary Studies, and six survey courses, two of which also fulfill University core requirements. The major also includes 12 credits of advanced electives in designated areas, as well as a Senior Seminar, the department's capstone course.

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To talk to a faculty adviser, please contact Mary M. Balkun, Ph.D., chair of the Department of English, at (973) 761-9388 or or Jeff Gray., assistant chair of the Department of English, at (973) 275-2176 or

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