College of Arts & Sciences

The Department of Communication and The Arts offers major programs in art and music leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. Several different concentrations are available, as listed below. The faculty of the department is a consortium of scholars and practicing professionals who provide an education that is both theoretical and pragmatic in approach. Thus, students are well prepared for careers in their professional fields relevant to the disciplines of art education, art history, fine arts, graphic, interactive and advertising design, music performance, and music education. For a complete listing of the requirements of Art and Music Education programs (K-12 certificate), offered in conjunction with the College of Education and Human Services, please see the Secondary Education section of this catalogue for program and degree requirement listings.

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I. Required Courses (30 credits)

AART 1110
Drawing I (first year)  3
AART 1223
2D Design and Color (first year)  3
AART 2210
Drawing II  3
AART 1217
Painting I  3
AART 1219
Sculpture  3
AART 1224
Introduction to Printmaking
ARTH 1101
Art of the Western World (first year)  3
ARTH 2118
20th-Century Art (first year)  3
ARTH xxxx
Art History Electives  6

Elective Courses (12 credits)

  For Fine Arts: Credits
AART 2220
Figure Drawing
AART 2227
Painting II  3
AART 2215
Watercolor  3
AART 2141-45
Special Topics
AART 2317
Digital Painting  3
COGR 2320
Still Photography
COGR 3325
Digital Photography
AART 3161-66
Independent Study
  For Art Education:
AART 2215
Watercolor  3
AART 1226
Traditional American Crafts
AART 2312
Digital Art and Design
AART 3410
Children and the Arts
AART 3161-66
Independent Study
AART XXXX Fine Arts Elective 3
   Total Credits:

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