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Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a B.A. in Art and Design will:

  • submit a portfolio that demonstrates proficiency in a range of skills appropriate to their field.
  • participate in an organized public event such as the Art and Design Portfolio Review and/or the annual Walsh Library Gallery Art and Design Exhibition.

Fine and Digital Arts Track:

Foundational Skills

  1. ability to execute technical, aesthetic, and conceptual decisions based on an understanding of art and design principles
  2. skill in the use of drawing media and the ability to translate observation to image

Traditional Skills

  1. experience in a variety of media including painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture
  2. knowledge and skill in the use of basic tools, techniques, technologies and processes sufficient to work from concept to finished product

Digital Skills

  1. experience with digital image making utilizing relevant software for digital painting, digital photography and/or 3D modeling
  2. ability to create a digital portfolio of work, a simple blog and/or web page

Conceptual Skills

  1. ability to articulate a personal vision as a result of independent, self-directed work
  2. mastery of at least one area within their field, including the ability both to experiment with and synthesize technical, aesthetic, and conceptual knowledge

Analytical Skills

  1. ability to analyze and understand works of art, drawing on knowledge of the historical and cultural context
  2. ability to evaluate work in their field, including their own work, using professional terminology

Professional Skills

  1. presentation of an effective professional portfolio displaying rigorous and consistent attention to detail that is suitable for career applications in the art/design industries or for admittance into competitive graduate programs in the arts
  2. ability to communicate effectively as professional artists/designers and connect with their intended audience using visual, oral, and written presentation skills relevant to their field

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