College of Arts & Sciences
Now part of the new College of Communication and the Arts at Seton Hall.

Art and Design
As the professional art field has expanded vastly to include everything that is visually communicated or "designed", the  Department of Communication and The Arts offers a major in Art and Design leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. The faculty is a consortium of scholars and practicing professionals who provide an education that is both theoretical and pragmatic in approach. Thus, students are well prepared for careers in their professional fields relevant to the disciplines of Fine and Digital Arts, Graphic Design & Advertising, and Interactive Design & Multimedia. Students interested in teacher certification apply to the College of Education and Human Services for a major in Secondary Education and then declare a second major in Fine Arts. These majors begin field experience in their sophomore year, conclude student teaching in their final semester, and are granted New Jersey certification in teaching art.

To talk to a faculty adviser, contact Professor Christine Krus, Art & Design Program Coordinator at or Professor William Haney, Director of Student Relations at

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