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The study of history enables us to understand our own culture and others over time. The history major at Seton Hall University enables students to do this by requiring a geographic distribution of courses that covers the world. It offers a depth of understanding of history through specific courses for majors on the craft and methodology of historians, providing an opportunity to practice history through research and writing projects. Small class sizes provide the opportunity to interact with faculty members who are active scholars. Students can join the History Club and qualify for membership in Phi Alpha Theta, the National History Honor Society. There are opportunities for internships, as well as study abroad to such locations as Rome, England, Ireland and Russia. History majors can double major in education by completing New Jersey state requirements for certification in elementary, middle, high school and special education.

Students study with faculty members who have a wide range of specialties in American, European, Latin American and African history. Faculty, most of whom have Ph.D.s, specialize in Catholic history, legal history, women's history, military history and film history. They also specialize in French, German, Italian, Russian, Irish and African-American history, as well as the history of New Jersey. Chronological specialties include the American Revolution, French Revolution, Civil War and the 20th century. Offerings are rounded out with courses offered by faculty in Asian studies and classical studies. A new course, History Honors Research, offers qualified students guidance in advanced research and the opportunity to graduate with "Honors in History." A five-year dual-degree B.A./M.A. in History is also available.

History majors complete a 36-credit course of study, beginning with survey courses and advancing to upper-division offerings in Global, American, European, Latin American, Middle Eastern and Asian History. As part of the major, students also complete a sequence of three methods courses: Introduction to Historical Research, a Colloquium and Senior Seminar. Students also have the option of pursuing honors research in history and are strongly encouraged to acquire competency in at least one foreign language.

To talk to a faculty adviser, contact Nathaniel Knight, Ph.D., chair of The Department of History, at (973) 275-2984 or

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