College of Arts & Sciences
Now part of the new College of Communication and the Arts at Seton Hall.

The Seton Hall University music major programs (Music Performance and Comprehensive Music, for prospective music educators) prepare students for a lifetime in music. Each of these paths features a student-centered mentoring approach with training beyond the academic experience looking toward life after graduation. Because of the high teacher/student ratio, the program can adapt to the needs of the student.

Our faculty members are nationally and internationally renowned with degrees and professional experience in music performance, music history, music theory, music composition, and music technology and represent a hybrid of scholarship and artistic professional activity. While specializing in the field of music, we embrace the distinctive placement for the music program as it resides within a liberal arts setting. While providing professional tools, we also recognize the importance of critical thinking and the development of the well-rounded individual.

Through the major in Music Performance, Seton Hall University students are offered a range of courses in music history, theory, technology, and conducting; a diverse selection of ensembles; and private lessons on their instrument or voice type. Juries, workshops, and recitals throughout the academic year offer opportunities for solo performing experience, and study in the major culminates in a public senior recital. Students are given exposure to major performing artists through concerts presented by Seton Hall's distinguished Arts Council, and related clinics and master classes provide opportunities for hands-on work.

Students in the Comprehensive Music major apply to the College of Education and Human Services for a major in Secondary Education and then declare a second major in Comprehensive Music. These majors begin field experience in their sophomore year, conclude student teaching in their final semester, and are granted New Jersey certification in teaching music. An audition is required for both the major in Music Performance and the major in Comprehensive Music.

The Music Program offers several attractive minors: Music Technology, Music Performance, Music History, and Musical Theatre, and we also welcome non major/minor students in our courses and ensembles.

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