College of Arts & Sciences

In conjunction with meeting the standards and requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, the philosophy major consists of 30 credits. Students work out the details of their course of study with the chairperson who may modify the program in view of a student’s interests and objectives. View the College of Arts & Sciences Core Curriculum requirements »


 I.  Any two of the following courses.  
 PHIL 1101  Introduction to Philosophy  
 PHIL 1104  Logic  
 PHIL 1105  Ethics  
 II.  Five courses at the PHIL 2000 level  
   With permission of the chairperson a student may substitute one related 3-credit course from another discipline.  
 III.  Three Courses at the PHIL 3000 level  
   Students must complete 6 credits at the PHIL 2000 level before taking any 3000 level courses.  
 IV.  Students who intend to do graduate work in Philosophy are directed to take 7 of the following 8 courses in addition to the 3 required 3000 level courses.  
   A. Two courses from this section.  
 PHIL 1104 or 1204  Logic (1104) or Symbolic Logic(1204)  
 PHIL 1105 or 2250  Ethics (1105) or Moral Theories (2250)  
   B. Any three of the following four history of philosophy courses.  
 PHIL 2020  Ancient Philosophy  
 PHIL 2030  Medieval Philosophy  
 PHIL 2040  Modern Philosophy  
 PHIL 2050  Contemporary Philosophy  
 C. Both of these courses.  
 PHIL 2500  Epistemology  
 PHIL 2950  Metaphysics  

For information about the Pre-Law Emphasis in the Philosophy curriculum, please click here.


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