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In addition to the courses needed to satisfy the College core requirements, each student in the B.A. Physics program is required to satisfy physics requirements as are listed below for a total of at least 53 credits. Additionally, students are recommended to take specialized elective courses depending on their career paths. 
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Core Requirements

PHYS 1705-1706
 Principals of Physics I-II


PHYS 1815  Physics Laboratory and Data Analysis I


PHYS 1816
 Physics Laboratory and Data Analysis II


PHYS 2112   Physical Applications of Mathematical Techniques


PHYS 2185   Introductory Modern Physics


PHYS 2186  Waves and Oscillations


PHYS 2883   Electronics I


PHYS 3811-3815  Advanced Laboratory I-II 


MATH 1401-2411   Calculus I-III


CHEM 1107   Principals of Chemistry I


CHEM 1108   Principals of Chemistry II


   Plus any two 3000-level physics courses from the following list:   
PHYS 3119  Mathematical Methods of Physics I


PHYS 3121   Mechanics I


PHYS 3185  Electricity and Magnetism I


PHYS 3217  Modern Optics


Please see the Undergraduate Catalogue for a model program for B.A. Physics.

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