College of Arts & Sciences

All physics courses are taught by our dedicated Ph.D. faculty. Our classes are small, and students receive highly individualized attention. Qualified students participate in ongoing, federally funded research projects beginning in their sophomore year. We have an active Society of Physics Students, a subdivision of the American Institute of Physics, and qualified students are annually inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma, the National Physics Honor Society. Summer internship and co-op participation are highly recommended.

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) program is ideal for those who intend to seek employment in secondary education and those who wish to study physics and pursue professional careers in such fields as business, law, and allied health.  It serves as a means for a student to obtain employment in a private school environment or gaining New Jersey Certification of Eligibility to teach at a New Jersey public high school.  
The sequence and diversity of courses for all students will be worked out in consultation with a department adviser who may modify the program in view of each student's background and objectives.
To talk to a faculty adviser, contact Mehmet Alper Sahiner, Ph.D., Chair of the Department of Physics at (973) 761-9050 or

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