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The Department of Political Science and Public Affairs is committed to developing students into citizens who are active and informed on a wide range of political systems: local, state, national and global. The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science program is designed to foster an understanding of the responsibilities and rights of active, informed participants within these systems. A course of study in political science will challenge you. It will develop your ability to think, assess and respond. In addition, it will ensure a basic knowledge of the ideas, institutions and processes of politics and government. You will be prepared for a career in law, government, public affairs, nonprofit organizations and the private sector. A minor in nonprofit studies is designed to prepare undergraduates for entry-level positions in the nonprofit sector. Partner organizations include the Unified Vailsberg Services Organization, the YMCA and the Ivy Hill Neighborhood Association.  

In addition to completing the core curriculum of the College of Arts and Sciences, students in the Department of Political Science and Public Affairs take basic and specialized courses in American government and politics, comparative politics, international relations, political theory and behavior, public administration, public policy and public law. An accelerated five-year, dual-degree program is available to students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Master of Public Administration at Seton Hall. Students can also complete a minor in nonprofit studies or the American Humanics certificate. Contact the department for more information.  

Political science students are required to complete 12 courses (36 credits) in the discipline. The six required courses include introductory classes in political science, American government, international relations, western political thought or comparative politics, research methods and senior seminar. The elective courses must include at least four from the POLS 2000 level and two from the POLS 3000 level  

To talk to a faculty adviser, contact Robert Pallitto J.D., Ph.D. at (973) 761-9384 or  Department website »

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