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Psychology is a very broad field, overlapping the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. Therefore, the psychology major at Seton Hall offers a three-pronged approach. As a science, it teaches the experimental method and statistical techniques. As pre-professional training, it prepares students for application of knowledge and skills with individuals and groups. As a general liberal arts degree, it has application to a wide range of endeavors profiting from the understanding of human behavior. Majors receive a sound background for graduate study in psychology and in other professional and scientific fields (such as medicine and law). A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is versatile. It will open many career avenues for you. The Bachelor of Science degree has a research-oriented approach and is intended for those students interested in doctoral level programs in psychology as well as graduate study in medicine. A five-year Bachelor of Arts in Psychology/Master of Arts in Education (M.A.E.) in Psychological Studies (offered by the College of Education and Human Services) or Master of Science (M.S.) in Experimental Psychology is available to qualified students.  

As a psychology major at Seton Hall University, you will study how heredity and environment interact to influence individual behavior. The program will give you (1) exposure to all areas of psychology, including physiological psychology, abnormal psychology, child psychology and drug and alcohol abuse; and (2) the opportunity to obtain hands-on research opportunities in our state-of the- art computer, human research, animal learning and behavioral neuroscience laboratories. The dual-degree (3+2) program allows students to take four graduate courses (12 credits) in the Psychological Studies Program or Experimental Psychology Program in their senior year. 

In addition to meeting the requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences core curriculum, degree candidates must complete a minimum of 43 or 44 credits in psychology, of which 30 are required. Two semesters of biology and one of mathematics are also required as part of the core course requirements. Through the advising process, individual programs are tailored to the students' interests and objectives. 

To talk to a faculty adviser, contact Amy Hunter, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Psychology at (973) 761-9484 or
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