College of Arts & Sciences

The social and behavioral sciences major at Seton Hall University encompasses those disciplines related to the study of humanity in all its diversity. The program is distinguished by its emphasis on understanding behavior as a product of the interaction of individuals and their society and culture. This integrated perspective prepares students for careers in many professional and applied areas. Ongoing academic advising from the program’s director ensures that students receive the guidance needed to tailor the program to their interests and goals. For students interested in occupational therapy or athletic training, there are two accelerated dual-degree programs that are also connected with the Bachelor of Arts in Social and Behavioral Sciences. These unique programs allow students to earn a B.A. from the College of Arts and Sciences and a Master of Science in Athletic Training or Occupational Therapy from the School of Health and Medical Sciences in five or six years. Students receive a broad-based undergraduate education that stresses critical thinking as applied to human behavior, and earn a practical graduate degree that is professional and career oriented. 

The courses required for the Bachelor of Arts in Social and Behavioral Sciences include a diverse blend of the College of Arts and Sciences' core requirements and a minor in sociology, anthropology, social work, psychology, economics, political science, or criminal justice as well as additional courses in these disciplines and the research methods and senior seminar courses. For information concerning the Athletic Training and Occupational Therapy dual-degree programs, contact the School of Health and Medical Sciences at (973) 275-2800.

The awarding of the B.A. in Social and Behavioral Sciences depends on completion of all College and program requirements. Social and behavioral sciences majors also need a minimum GPA of 2.0 to graduate.

For advisement in the SOBS major, please contact For advisement in the SOBT or SOBZ majors, please contact

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