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All social work courses presented below reinforce knowledge, understanding, and competency with regard to respecting and encouraging diversity; and eliminating social injustice, particularly with regard to discrimination and oppression. The theoretical framework assures competence in: the problem solving method; a systems approach to practice; building upon strengths of the client/client system; critical thinking; evaluation; and within and incorporating the values of professional social work.

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Major Program Requirements

SOWK 1111Introduction to Social Work
SOWK 3201Social Problems and Programs3
SOWK 3301Social Policy Analysis3
SOWK 3910Research Methods in Social Work3
SOWK 3511Behavior and Environments3
SOWK 3512 Theories of Behavior
SOWK 3611Theory and Practice I3
SOWK 3811Junior Practicum3
SOWK 4811Senior Practicum I6
SOWK 4812Senior Practicum II6
SOWK 4911Theory and Practice II3
SOWK 4912Theory and Practice III3
SOWK 5111Senior Research Seminar3
Total Department required courses:45
Additional(cognate)Requirements (some of which also satisfy current College of Arts and Sciences core curriculum requirements in respective areas); all of the following:
BIOL 1111Introduction to Biology3
MATH 1203Statistical Models for the Social Sciences3
PSYC 1101Introduction to Psychology3
SOCI 1101Introduction to Sociology3
  Total Additional Requirements 12
Any one of the following courses in Diversity:
AFAM 2311Public Institutions and the African American3
ANTH 3215Human Rights and Social Justice 3
ANTH 3218Immigration to the United States3
LALS 2517/ SOCI 2517Latinos/as in the United States3
RELS 1402World Religions3
SOCI 2514/ WMST 2514 Sociology of Women and Men
 SOCI 2515 Majority-Minority Relations 3
  Total Diversity Requirements 3
 Any two approved electives  
SOWK 1311Children and Youth in Society3
SOWK 1314/AFAM 1518Social Work and the Law3
SOWK 1333Current Issues and Trends in Social Work Practice3
SOWK 1335/ WMST 1335Family Violence3
SOWK 1911Introduction to Gerontology3
SOWK 2653Substance Abuse Assessment and Intervention3
ANTH 1202Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 
PSYC 1218Drug and Alcohol Abuse
PSYC 2214Abnormal Psychology 
RELS 1010The Religious Dimensions of Life 
  Total Social Work Electives6 
Total Credits Required for the Social Work Major 66
(Also see College of Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum requirements as they are integrated with social work major requirements.)

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