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 As a major in chemistry or biochemistry at Seton Hall University, students have the opportunity to receive individual attention from faculty, gain extensive laboratory experience and work closely with faculty in modern laboratories. The student-faculty ratio is less than 6:1 for those majoring in chemistry or biochemistry. Undergraduate research is encouraged, and many students have presented their results at local and national meetings, a valuable professional experience. A chapter of Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society is active in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and sponsors a variety of scientific, professional and social activities. The Student Affiliates have organized trips to national scientific meetings, arranged for outside speakers, provided tutoring services within the department and sponsored trips to local research labs. In addition, the Chemistry Honors Program, which is open by invitation only, provides the exceptional student with further opportunities to work with the faculty. The culmination of the Chemistry Honors Program is a senior thesis and graduation with honors. 

Programs in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry lead to the B.S. in Chemistry (ACS-Certified), the B.S. in Chemistry (non-ACS Certified) and the B.S. in Biochemistry. The B.S. in Chemistry with American Chemical Society Certification is a rigorous program intended for students looking to pursue graduate studies or prepare for a career as a chemist. The B.S. in Chemistry (non-ACS certified) is a more flexible program, generally chosen by students pursuing careers in chemistry-related fields, such as environmental science, medicine and allied health professions. The B.S. in Biochemistry combines courses in chemistry and biology, and is designed for students pursuing advanced training in biochemistry, medicine and health professions. A five-year dual-degree program is also jointly offered with New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and leads to a B.S. in Chemistry from Seton Hall University and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from NJIT.  

All of the programs in chemistry and biochemistry are grounded in the fundamentals of general and organic chemistry, generally taken in the freshman and sophomore years. A year of physics and mathematics (through at least Calculus II) is also required. In the junior and senior years, rigorous coursework in advanced chemistry courses, electives and research is undertaken.  

To talk to a faculty adviser, please contact Stephen Kelty, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, at or (973) 761-9414. Web site:

If you are considering a degree in Chemistry, take a look at the B.S. in Chemistry program also offered through the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

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