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The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program in computer science prepares students for a broad range of careers including, but not limited to, designing and building reliable software, web development, system administration, and scientific and symbolic computing.  In addition, the program in computer science gives students an excellent foundation upon which to pursue graduate studies.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers the following computer science programs:

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Furthermore, the department teaches courses for students majoring in other areas that have computing requirements.

Recognizing the importance of international experience in today's work place, the department offers a variety of study abroad opportunities.

The students enrolled in the B.S. program are taught by faculty members who are well-recognized for their research programs. Current research focus lies in areas of software engineering, programming languages, and symbolic computation. Students have the opportunity to participate in faculty-led projects. Honors students participate in a two-semester project leading to a B.S. thesis.

Visit the Computing branch of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science to learn more about computing. To talk to Dr. John T. Saccoman, the chair of the department, or to a faculty adviser, please call (973) 761-9466.

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