College of Arts & Sciences
Internships & Careers

Students of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science are being encouraged to pursue internships that can be an important first step for a successful entry into the job market after graduation.  The Career Center maintains a database of internship opportunities.  Many of these are forwarded to the Math &CS Club e-mail list. Contact the internship adviser Prof. Manfred Minimair when you start planning your internship.

Careers in Mathematics
Mathematics professionals with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree have found employment in a vast array of fields.  More information about some of the more common (and sometimes less common) career options can be found at the websites below:

The MAA Focus magazine also recently had an article on this topic.

Career Services
The Career Center maintains an internship and employment database. It also provides an online resume and interview tutorial, and eResume books. Moreover, it runs an online Alumni Career Mentoring program. The Career Center also frequently organizes career fairs and provides information on external fairs in the local area. This information is often advertised by e-mailing the Math &CS Club mailing list.  For further information, contact the Career Center and ask for the representative for mathematics students.

Graduate Studies
A bachelor's degree in mathematics is an excellent foundation for graduate study. Opportunities for continued studies include mathematics (both pure and applied), statistics, areas of engineering, bioinformatics and more.  Qualified graduate students in mathematics can often have their graduate education paid for by obtaining a teaching assistantship or research assistantship at the school they attend.  For more information, contact the graduate school advisor Prof. Nathan Kahl when you start thinking about graduate school.


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