College of Arts & Sciences
Honors Courses

The course requirements outlined below include the following additions/changes to the current department requirements:

PSYC 3312
Practical applications of the principles learned in PSYC 3311 in the laboratory or field environment. The student is involved in the design, execution, analysis and interpretation of an original research project. Students enrolled in the Psychology Honors Program will propose and design their honors project under the direction of a faculty adviser. Prerequisites: PSYC 3311 and approval of the instructor. 4 credits

PSYC 5112
Students will conduct the research project designed and approved in PSYC 3312. Course includes data collection, statistical analyses and presentation of results in an American Psychological Association (APA) style research paper. Open to students in the Psychology Honors Program. Prerequisites: PSYC 3312 and approval of instructor. 4 credits

In order to be recommended by the department for graduation with Honors, the student must successfully complete the proposed Honors Project (i.e., receive a grade of B or better in Honors Research), have a cumulative GPA of 3.395, have presented their research to an audience and have made an additional contribution to the Psychology department as described above. A letter of completion and a copy of the final research paper must be submitted to the director of the Honors program before the department can make a recommendation for graduation with Honors. In addition to meeting the requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, honors students must complete a minimum of 48 credits in psychology. Additionally, modifications to the psychology major requirements are applied as follows:

Required Courses: 8 credits
PSYC 3312 Advanced Experimental Psychology
PSYC 5112 Honors Research (taken in lieu of PSYC 5111 or PSYC 5113)

Laboratory Requirement: 8 credits
Two of the following courses must be take with a lab:
PSYC 3214/ 3224 Cognitive Psychology/ Laboratory
PSYC 3215/ 3225 Learning/ Laboratory
PSYC 3217/ 3227 Biological Psychology/ Laboratory

Electives: 6-9 credits
Students must complete 9 credits of electives (not 12) for the B.A. or 6-9 cretits of electives (not 9-12) for the B.S. At least one of these must be a 2000 level course or higher.

Total: 48 credits

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