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Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Students pursuing the psychology B.S. complete the B.S. Core in the College of Arts and Sciences. Additionally, they must complete two laboratory courses within the psychology major. Further, they take PSYC 5113 instead of PSYC 5111; this version of the Seminar capstone course is more rigorous, requiring an APA-style research proposal rather than an APA-style literature review. Although B.A. students are required to take MATH 1202, this is not a requirement for B.S. students, so that they can satisfy the math requirement for the B.S., (i.e., 2 math courses at 1400 or higher or 1 math course at 1400 or higher and CSAS 1113 or 1114).

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B.S. Requirements

   Required Courses (18-19 credits):  Credits
 PSYC 1101  Introduction to Psychology  3
 PSYC 1201
 Orientation to the Major
 PSYC 2311  Elementary Psychological Statistics
 PSYC 3311  Research Methods In Psychology  4
 PSYC 3217  Biological Psychology  3
 PSYC 3227  Biological Psychology Laboratory (optional)
 PSYC 5113 Advanced Seminar in Psychology (Cross-Listed with PSYC 5111 Seminar in Psychology)
One Learning and Cognition Course (4, 7 or 8 credits):  
 PSYC 3214  Cognitive Psychology
 PSYC 3224  Cognitive Psychology Laboratory (optional)
 PSYC 3220  Learning
 PSYC 3225  Leaning Laboratory (optional)
 PSYC 3216
 Motivation and Emotion

One Social/ Developmental Course (3 credits):

 PSYC 1212  Child Psychology
 PSYC 1213  Adolescent Psychology
 PSYC 1214  Adult Development
 PSYC 1215 (WMST 1215)
 Psychology of Gender
 PSYC 2212
 Developmental Psychology
 PSYC 2216
 Social Psychology
 PSYC 3212
 Advanced Social Psychology
  One Fieldwork/ Applied Course (3 credits):
 PSYC 1216
 Industrial/ Organizational Psychology
 PSYC 1219
 Sports Psychology
 PSYC 1222  International Psychology
 PSYC 1223
 Psychology of Religion
 PSYC 2115  Laboratory Research Experience
 PSYC 3408- 3513
 Internship in Psychology
One Clinical/ Professional Course (3 credits):  
 PSYC 1211  Psychology of Adjustment
 PSYC 1218  Drug and Alcohol Abuse
 PSYC 1221  Exceptional Child Psychology
 PSYC 2211  Personality Concepts
 PSYC 2213  Adult-Child Relations
 PSYC 2214
 Abnormal Psychology
 PSYC 2215
 Psychological Testing
  Experiential Learning Requirement

All students are required to take one experiential course as part of their B.S. degree requirements. This class does not constitute additional credits; in completing the major requirements, students must complete one of the following courses:

 PSYC 2315 Laboratory Research Experience
   PSYC 2408-2413 Internship in Psychology

Any other PSYC course with an explicit service-learning component.

 Laboratory Requirement
  All students are required to take two laboratory credits with the co-requisite of the related 3 credit course as part of their B.S. degree requirements. The laboratory courses can be selected from either he Learning and Cognition category or the Biological Basis of Behavior and Mental Processes category.
   Psychology Electives
9-12 credits, with at least 6 credits at the 2000 level or higher.
  Total 44

Please see the Undergraduate Catalogue for information about the 5-year accelerated dual degree programs.

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