College of Arts & Sciences
The Poland of John Paul II:
Faith, Culture and Peaceful Revolution

May 26 – June 10, 2009

In June 1979, the recently-elected Pope John Paul II returned for the first time to his native Poland.  His visit and message of hope, faith and human dignity electrified the Polish people, triggering events that resulted in one of the most astonishing feats in modern history – the peaceful overthrow of Communism in central and eastern Europe.  In his choice of places visited and addresses, the Pope tapped into the intimate bond between the Polish nation’s history, culture and Catholic faith.  Within ten years, nearly two centuries of conquest, occupation, Nazi atrocities and Stalinist brutality would give way to a new hope and freedom forged and strengthened amidst great suffering.On the thirtieth anniversary of John Paul’s epochal visit, the Center for Catholic Studies will be offering a two-week study tour to Poland, May 26 – June 10, 2009.  The course will examine Poland’s history from the time of the country’s division among her powerful neighbors, through the Nazi occupation of World War II to the birth of the modern democratic republic.  The role of the Catholic Faith in these dramatic years will be examined, as spirituality, history and national identity became inseparable.

The trip will follow the path the Pope took in 1979: Poznan and Gniezno where the Polish nation was born; Warsaw the nation’s capital; Wadowice where John Paul was born; Krakow where he was Archbishop; Auschwitz which the Pope called the “Golgotha of the modern world”; Czestochowa the spiritual heart of Poland; the Tatra Mountains; and other locations.

The cost for the 15-day trip will be $3800.  This price includes all air and land transportation, accommodations (double occupancy) and breakfast and evening meals daily.  There is space for 12 students and additional space for non-student SHU members.

The 3-credit course is cross-listed by Catholic Studies, the History Department and the School of Theology.  Tuition for the course is reduced 25%, but is separate from the cost of the trip.  Students need not take the course for credit.  However, priority will be given to those students using the course for their degrees in Catholic Studies, History or Theology as well as for a free elective.  Anyone wishing to participate in the course/trip must apply to Fr. Douglas Milewski at the School of Theology (e-mail: with a written explanation of his or her interest in this trip and if they plan to take the course for credit.

Applications must be submitted to Fr. Milewski by Friday December 5, 2008.

Those accepted to the course/trip will be required to submit a non-refundable deposit of $1500 by Monday December 15, 2008.

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