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Throughout my childhood, I was always attending Sunday school and going to mass with my family. Some days were more interesting than others, but until middle school, going to church was an obligation and not something that I looked forward to. When I was asked in fourth grade to become an altar server, I agreed but I continued to not be very invested in my faith or in the Catholic Church. Sixth grade finally rolled around and I found myself becoming very involved at my home parish, Newman Catholic Student Center and Christ the Teacher Parish. Ever since then, going to church and learning about the Catholic faith has been an integral part of my life. From attending Junior High Youth Ministry events, to helping to run them while in high school, Newman Center and Catholicism began to take on a different meaning from that of my youth. When looking for a college last year, one of my favorite things about Seton Hall University was its Catholic affiliation. Since beginning my studies, I have also gotten involved with the Eucharistic Ministers on campus and with volunteering through DOVE. Going to mass has become a relaxing portion of my week where I allow time for myself and my faith.

Though Catholicism had become so important to me, I had never thought about pursuing a degree in Catholic Studies and came in to Seton Hall as a Diplomacy and International Relations major. I realized rather quickly that that degree path wasn't a good fit for me, and everything fell into place allowing me to switch to a Sociology major. I was completely contented with this new path; then the opportunity was presented to me to add a double major in Catholic Studies. With a ten minute conversation and no hesitation, the paperwork was completed and my second major was declared. As soon as I declared, I saw the pieces of my life fall into place. At the beginning of the year I was unclear about what career I wanted to pursue upon graduation. I only had a vague idea of what "helping people" actually meant and didn't have much more to go on. Now with my double major in Catholic Studies and Sociology and a minor in Women and Gender Studies, I hope to be able to work for a Catholic organization that helps female victims of abuse and works toward its prevention. I have never been clearer than I am now that I am studying in areas that not only truly interest me but also in areas that are going to allow me to help others upon graduation. I cannot wait until the day comes when I can use my array of qualifications to work for the betterment of women and the world.

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