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Certificate in Catholic Studies

The Certificate in Catholic Studies has been designed for those who want to explore Catholicism's rich intellectual, spiritual, moral and cultural traditions and living heritage. The Catholic Studies program is led by faculty who specialize in a variety of disciplines including history, modern Catholicism, philosophy, theology, social service, art, music and literature. Additionally, our faculty who teach Catholic theology and Catholic theological subjects do so within the full communion of the Catholic Church.

The Certificate in Catholic Studies program is open to students and adults of all creeds across all academic specializations, professions and vocations. Whether you are starting a new ministry, seeking to gradually begin undergraduate studies, aspire to deepen your faith or just want to learn something new, the Certificate in Catholic Studies program has something to offer you.

To earn a Certificate in Catholic Studies, students are required to take 12 credits, including:

  • CAST 1001 (3 credits)
  • Two CAST 2000 level courses (6 credits)
  • One CAST 3000 or 4000 level courses (3 credits)

Click here to view a complete listing of Catholic Studies courses and descriptions.

To talk to a faculty adviser who will help you custom build your curriculum, please contact the chair of the Department of Catholic Studies, Dr. Ines A. Murzaku at or (973) 275-5845

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