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Multidisciplinary Certificate in Gerontology

The Multidisciplinary Certificate in Gerontology is a program that offers a concentration of studies for those who wish to further understand and advance the quality of life of older persons.  This program may be taken in addition to an appropriate major:  nursing, social work, sociology, social and behavioral sciences/occupational therapy, business, psychology, biology, political science, Africana studies, education, or religious studies.  For further information, please contact the program director, Professor Emma Giordano Quartaro, D.S.W., A.C.S.W., L.C.S.W. at (973) 761-9471 or

Dr. Quartaro is also advisor for Student Advocates for Intergenerational Learning and Service (S.A.I.L.S), a student organization devoted to enhancing knowledge about, and service to, older persons.

In addition to the requirements of the school and the major upon which the concentration is built, the following four units - a minimum of 17 credits - are required. Courses are all 3 credits, except as noted.

I. Gerontology (8 credits)

AFAM 3312 Advanced Seminar in Gerontology  
NUTH 3002 Gerontological Nursing (2 credits)  
SOWK 1911 Introduction to Gerontology
II. Electives: 6 credits from the following courses
PSYC 1214 Adult Development  
SOCI 2511
(AFAM 2328)
Race, Ethnicity, and Aging
SOWK 1912 Psychosocial Aspects of Aging  
III. Internship  

An internship (practicum or clinical) in direct service or research is required of all students. Students in the professions need not do another internship but must complete their required clinical or practicum in aging. Students in majors not requiring an internship must complete a 3-credit internship as independent study in their own majors. 3 credits minimum  
IV. Additional electives (not required)
Students wishing to supplement the required courses should consider the following courses:

Social and Behavioral Sciences  
ANTH 2224 Health and Medicine: An Anthropological Approach  
PSYC 2212 Developmental Psychology  
SOCI 2813 Socialization Over the Life Course  

The Life Sciences  
BIOL 1102-1103 Human Anatomy and Physiology I-II (8 credits)  

Policy and Economics  
POLS 2110 Contemporary Issues in U.S. Public Policy  
SOWK 2201 Social Problems and Programs  
SOWK 2301 Social Policy Analysis  
SOWK 2401 Social Welfare: Commonality and Diversity  

Contact the Director of the Gerontology Program for additional elective options.  

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