College of Arts & Sciences

Curriculum (15 credits)
The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration is earned by successfully completing three required and two elective courses.

Required Courses (8 credits)

HCAD 7513 Healthcare Management 3
HCAD 7514 Healthcare Financial Management and Accounting 3
HCAD 7521  Healthcare System 2

Elective Courses (minimum 7 credits)
Complete any two of the following list of courses:

HCAD 6009 Managerial Decision Making 3
HCAD 7518 Managing Community Health Systems 3
HCAD7522 Healthcare Policy 2
HCAD 7712 Program Evaluation Methods: Outcome Assessment 3
HCAD 8511-8529 Topics in Health Policy and Management 2
HCAD 8513 Human Resource Management in Healthcare Organizations 3
HCAD 8514 Healthcare Economics 3
HCAD 8517 Strategic Planning and Marketing in Healthcare Organizations 3
HCAD 8518 Legal Aspects of Healthcare Organizations 3
HCAD 8519 Healthcare Information Systems 3
HCAD 8521 Quality and Information Management Systems 3
HCAD 8523 Ethics in Healthcare 2
HCAD 8531 Emergency Preparedness and Health Security 3
Note:  HCAD 7521, 7522, and 8523 are two credit courses.  Students using these courses toward their certificate will be required to take an additional course, either as an Independent Study with a faculty member, or as an elective to meet the 15 credit certificate requirement.

The "PSMA" course designation has been changed to "HCAD" as of fall 2011

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