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Two online graduate certificates in Strategic Communication and Leadership are offered through the College of Arts and Sciences. Each program focuses on the critical areas of strategic communication, leadership, vision, organizational culture, change management, team building and teamwork, and diversity and globalization. The certificate programs provide the knowledge; skills and abilities that modern professionals need to succeed and grow their organizations.

Who Should Apply?
The Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication and Leadership is designed for individuals who:

  • would like to explore a career in communication;
  • already have a graduate degree but have a need to develop specific communication and leadership skills; and/or
  • would like to enroll in a selected set of graduate communication and leadership courses, but do not want to commit to enrolling in the Master of Arts in Strategic Communication and Leadership degree program.

How do I Apply?
To apply to the online Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication and Leadership, please submit an online application along with official undergraduate and graduate transcripts and a resume. Learn more »

The tuition for the Online Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication and Leadership covers all fees and tuition relating to the courses. Expenses not included in tuition are the application fee, books, and computer. Please call Dr. Richard Dool (973) 761-9490 or e-mail at

Each certificate is earned by successfully completing two required online courses(12 credits).

Strategic Communication, Leadership and Change
COMM 8521: Organizational Culture, Leadership and Change
COMM 8522: Leadership Communication Strategies

Strategic Communication, Leadership, Diversity and Globalization
COMM 8520: Strategic Communication and Leadership
COMM 8523: Opportunities of Diversity and Globalization

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