College of Arts & Sciences

Curriculum (15 credits)
The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Organization Management is earned by successfully completing three required and two elective courses.

Required Courses (9 credits)

PSMA 6003
Public Policy Process, Analysis and Evaluation
PSMA 7311
Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector
PSMA 7312
Leadership and Management of Nonprofit Organizations

Elective Courses (6 credits)
Complete any two of the following list of courses:

PSMA 6005
Financial Management and Control
PSMA 7313
Resource Development (Fundraising)
PSMA 7314
Management of Fiscal Resources in Nonprofit Organizations
PSMA 7315
Managing Volunteers in Nonprofit Organizations
PSMA 7320
Nonprofit Information Management Systems
PSMA 7321
PSMA 7712
Program Evaluation Methods: Outcome Assessment
PSMA 8311
Nongovernmental Organizations
PSMA 8312
Nonprofit Policy Issues: Advocacy & Lobbying
PSMA 8313
Topics: Nonprofit Legal Issues
PSMA 8317
Nonprofit Marketing and Public Relations
PSMA 8320-8329
Topics in Nonprofit Organization Management
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