College of Arts & Sciences

Web Design Certificate Program
The Web Design Certificate Program provides students with instruction in the theory and industrial application of Web design and related visual information technologies. Students pursuing the certificate will be exposed to all aspects of Web design, including electronic graphic design, programming, creative information architecture, interactive product advertising and their relation to corporate marketing. Students completing this program will be capable of using multimedia techniques and user interface design to assemble content into aesthetically sound, persuasive and interactive Web sites.

Required Courses (16 credits)
AART 1223 Two-Dimensional Design and Color 3
AART 2312 Digital Art and Design I 3
AART 2315 The Art of Web Design I 3
AART 2316 The Art of Web Design II* 3
COGR 2111 Introduction to Hypertext Markup Language 1
COGR 2112 Introduction to Multimedia Communication 3

*Prerequisite AART 2315


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