College of Arts & Sciences

Students will learn how to integrate rich media elements such as streaming audio and video, motion graphics and animation into Web presentations.  Emphasis will be placed on graphic design principles essential for clear and effective communication in the rapidly evolving Web environment.  Areas covered include:

  • Typography and design for effective Web communication
  • Crafting Web pages for low bandwidth environments
  • Designing for rich media in Web presentations
  • Preparation and editing of 2-D and 3-D animation, sound and video for the Web
  • Authoring with HTML
  • Effective use of software such as Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, and 3-D Studio Max.

The Certificate in Digital Media Production for the Web will draw upon the Department of Art and Music’s Certificate in Web Design for the artistic, aesthetic and design conceptual framework necessary to properly apply the wide range of digital media required to produce the contemporary Web page. The Department of Communication strongly urges students to complete the Certificate in Web Design as an artistic requisite for the Certificate in Digital Media for the Web; but students can work on both certificates simultaneously.

AART 1223
Two Dimensional Design and Color
AART 2312
Digital Art and Design I (or COGR 3324 Two-Dimensional Design)
COGR 2111
Introduction to Hypertext Markup Language
COGR 2112
Introduction to Multimedia
COGR 2322
Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics
COGR 3322
Advanced Computer Graphics and Animation
COGR 3325
Digital Photography
COGR 3326
Video Animation and Motion Graphics
COGR 3327
Interactive Animation for the Web

Grading Policy:
Students will be required to maintain at least a “B” GPA in the certificate with no grade below “C.”

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