College of Arts & Sciences

Faculty Chair Pro Tem

Thomas Marlow, Mathematics and Computer Science

Secretary of the Faculty

Paul Cavanagh, Public and Healthcare Administration

By-Laws Committee: 5 members, 2 year terms

Costel Constantin, Physics (2011), chair
Karen Gevirtz, English (2010)
Nathan Kahl, Mathematics and Computer Science (2010)
Jeffrey Togman, Political Science (2010)
Heping Zhou, Art, Biological Sciences (2011)
Paige Fisher, Psychology
Janet Marstine, Art, Music and Design

College Planning Committee: 9 members, 3 year terms

Manfred Minimair, Mathematics and Computer Science (2011), chair
Costel Constantin, Physics (2012)
Gabriella Romani, Modern Languages (2011)
Ines Murzaku, Religius Studies (2012)
James McCartin, History (2012)
John Sowa, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2009)
Kelly Shea, English (2010)
Paige Fisher, Psychology (2012)
Raymond Capra, Classical Studies (2011)
Leslie Bunnage, Sociology and Anthropology 

Education Policy Committee: 9 members, 3 year terms

John Wargacki, English (2011), chair
Arline Lowe, Art, Music, and Design (2011)
Jon Radwan, Communication (2012) 
Ki Joo (KC) Choi, Religious Studies (2010)
Matthew Escobar, Modern Languages (2010)
Raymond Capra, Classical Studies (2010)
Richard Blake, Social Work (2012)
Yu Feng Wei, Chemistry and Biochemistry (2012)
Taruni Seth, Physics (2011)

Williamjames Hoffer, History
Marco Morazan, Mathematics and Computer Science

Human Rights & Dignities Committee: 9 members, 3 year terms


Peter Savastano, Sociology & Anthropology (2012), chair
Angela Weisl, English (2012)
Ines Murzaku, Religious Studies (2012)
Janet Marstine, Art, Music and Design (2012)
Joel Sperber, English (2012)
King Mott, Political Science (2012) 
Kwame Akonor, Political Science (2012)
Mary Balkun, English (2012) 
Tracy Billado, History (2012)
Heping Zhou, Biological Sciences
Marco Morazon, Mathematics and Computer Science

Nominations & Elections Committee: 5 members, 2 year terms

Jon Kraszewski, Communications (2011), chair 
Christine Cruz, Art, Music and Design (2011)
James McCartin, History (2010)
Joel Sperber, English (2010) 
Maryanne Lloyd, Psychology (2011)
Heping Zhou, Biological Sciences

Rank & Tenure Committee

(Full Professor): 6 members, 3 year terms
Angela Weisl, English (2012)
Jo Renee Formicola, Political Science (2010), chair
Judith Stark, Philosophy (2012)
Leigh Winser, English (2010)
Martha Carpentier, English (2011)
Mary Balkun, English (2012)
Petra Chu, Art, Music and Design (2011)

(Associate Professor): 3 members, 3 year terms
Alan Blake, Biological Sciences (2012)
Janine Buckner, Psychology (2010) 
Joan Guetti, Mathematics and Computer Science (2011)

Faculty Senate:  22 members, 2 year terms

To 2010:
Active members

David Beneteau, Modern Languages
Deborah Brown, Asian Studies
Charles Carter, Religious Studies
KC Choi, Religious Studies
Matt Escobar, Modern Languages
Edmund Jones, English
Roseanne Mirabella, Political Science
King Mott, Political Science
Thomas Rondinella, Communication
Thomas Rzeznik, History
Cathy Zizik, Communication 

To 2011:
Peter Ahr, Religious Studies
Mary Balkun, English
Nancy Enright, English
Kelly Goedert, Psychology
Colleen Conway, Religious Studies
Ines Murzaku, Religious Studies
Nathaniel Knight, History
John Sowa, Jr., chemistry and Biochemistry
Anne Mullen-Hohl, Modern Languages
Amy Hunter, Psychology
Bert Wachsmuth, Mathematics and Computer Science 
C Lynn Carr, Sociology and Anthropology
Gita Das Bender, English
Eliot Krause, Biological Studies
Christine Krus, Art, Music and Design
Jeffrey Levy, Psychology
M. Alper Schriner, Physics
Abe Zakhem, Political Science

Ad Hoc Core Committee

Martha Carpentier, English
Nathaniel Knight, History
Christopher Sharrett, Communication

Social Sciences
King Mott, Political Sciences
Cherubim Quizon, Sociology and Anthropology
Michael Vigorito, Psychology

Sciences and Mathematics
Carolyn Bentivegna, Biological Sciences
Joan Guetti, Mathematics and Computer Science
Wyatt Murphy, Jr., Chemistry and Biochemistry

Green Committee

Marian Glenn, Biological Sciences
Edmund Jones, English
Thomas Rzeznik, History
Kelly Shea, English
Michael Taylor, Political Sciences
Costel Constantin, Physics, chair

2009-2010 University Rank and Tenure Committee

College of Arts and Sciences
Martha Carpenter, English
Marian Glenn, Biological Sciences
Kenneth Hoffman, Communication
Dermot Quinn, History

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