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Dual Degree Program
English majors can complete a Master of Arts in one year beyond their B.A. Students who qualify for admission into the dual degree program will take 12 credits of graduate-level English courses during their junior and senior years. These will apply toward the 42 credits required for completion of the undergraduate major and toward the 30 credits required for the Master of Arts in English. Students can then complete the remaining 18 credits of graduate courses after earning a B.A.

Requirements for Admission
English majors who have completed at least 21 credits in the major with a minimum GPA of 3.2 may apply at any time prior to their senior year. However, students are encouraged to apply in the second semester of the sophomore year, to allow enough time to complete the courses in the junior and senior years. Applicants are not required to take the GRE, but they must complete the graduate application form, and their application must include a transcript, a writing sample and three letters of recommendation from their undergraduate professors, two of whom must be full-time faculty in the Department of English.

Advanced Electives in the Undergraduate Major and Graduate Course Equivalents
These are the graduate courses that students may choose from to count toward the undergraduate upper-level elective requirement of 12 credits in four out of five of the following categories. (See Graduate Catalogue for full course descriptions.)

  • British (pre-1800), 3 credits

 ENGL 6111
 Old English Literature
 ENGL 6112
 ENGL 6113
 Medieval Drama
 ENGL 6114
 Shakespeare to 1600
 ENGL 6115
 Shakespeare from 1600
 ENGL 6116
 Renaissance Literature
 ENGL 6117
 Renaissance Drama
 ENGL 6118
 17th Century Literature
 ENGL 6119
 ENGL 6121
 Dryden, Pope and Swift
 ENGL 6122
 English Drama 1600-1800
 ENGL 6123
 Age of Johnson

  • British (post-1800), 3 credits:

 ENGL 6124
 Age of Romanticism
 ENGL 6125
 Victorian Prose and Poetry
 ENGL 6126
 Major British Writers: 1900-1945
 ENGL 6127
 Major British Writers from 1945
 ENGL 6128
 British Poetry of the 20th Century
 ENGL 6311
 The English Novel: Beginnings through the 19th Century
 ENGL 6313
 Modern British Drama
 ENGL 6314
 Modern Irish Drama

  • American, 3 credits:

 ENGL 6211
 American Literature: Beginnings through Poe
 ENGL 6212
 The American Renaissance
 ENGL 6213
 American Literature of the Later 19th Century
 ENGL 6214
 Major American Writers: 1900-1945
 ENGL 6215
 Major American Writers from 1945
 ENGL 6216
 Continuity of American Poetry
 ENGL 6217
 African-American Literary Experience

  • Thematic/Comparative, 3 credits:

 ENGL 6010
 Introduction to Literary Research

Students are advised to take this course as soon as possible after entering the dual degree program.

  • Writing, 3 credits:

ENGL 6411
 Art and Craft of Writing
 ENGL 6412
 Modern Rhetoric and Writing
 ENGL 6415
 Composition Theory and Practice
 ENGL 6420
 Linguistic History of English

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