College of Arts & Sciences

The Department of Psychology offers a dual degree program leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (B.A.) and a Master of Science in Experimental Psychology (M.S.). This five-year program permits undergraduate students to take 12 graduate credits in their senior year, which would count toward the completion of the bachelor's degree.  Satisfactory performance in the remaining 24 credits of graduate-level coursework as well as completion of an empirical thesis project in the fifth year would earn students an M.S. degree in Experimental Psychology.

As part of the graduate program coursework, students focus their electives on Psychological Science (general) or on an optional concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience. Both tracks of study would well prepare students for a broad range of career possibilities, or would enable them to more successfully compete for admission into a Ph.D. program in a number of experimental psychology fields such as cognitive, developmental, social, and biological psychology, or neuroscience.

Students may apply for the B.A./M.S. program in their junior year (second semester). For more information please contact Dr. Kelly Goedert, the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Psychology at (973) 761-2708, or via email at

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