College of Arts & Sciences

The master's dual degree program combines advanced skills in communication with in-depth knowledge of international relations to prepare professionals to meet the challenges of strategic communication in an increasingly complex global environment. Applicants for a dual degree program must be accepted separately to each program, either at the time of initial enrollment or during the first semester of study.

Diplomacy and International Relations (21 credits)

DIPL 6000 Introduction to International Relations Theory 3
DIPL 6001 Politics of Cultural and Ethnic Pluralism 3
DIPL 6002 International Organizations 3
DIPL 6105 International Political Economy 3
Diplomacy Electives 9

Communication (21 credits)

COMM 6000 Writing for Organization and Client 3
COTC 6100 Organizational Communication 3
COTC 7220 Effective Presentations 3
COTC/COMM Electives 12

Research, Capstone, and Elective Courses (15 credits)

DIPL 6310 or
COTC 7110
Research Methods 3
COTC 8190 Research Project 3
DIPL 7111 Internship 3
  Free Electives 6
  Total Credits Required 57

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